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"Pre-Launch Events are live now!" it says in a brand new trailer that was broadcast on YouTube and Facebook. In reality, WoW players are still holding out and eagerly waiting for the zombie event. Here the marketing department flipped the switch too early.

Already yesterday we noticed that the postponement of WoW Shadowlands has messed up a lot. For example, Nathanos was in the game as the world boss, even though he is part of the pre-event. He did not drop loot and his associated world quest was not active either. Just to clarify: The pre-patch is of course live, when the pre-event starts, but is not yet known.

Nevertheless, since yesterday, players have been receiving advertising for the pre-event via YouTube and Facebook. According to the brand new trailer played there, the pre-event "The Flood of Death" is now active and players will have to deal with hordes of zombies as they did at the WotLK pre-event.

WoW: Players will receive advertising for the pre-event - It is NOT live (1)

WoW: Players will receive advertising for the pre-event – It is NOT live (1)

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For some players, some of the pre-event world quests have even been unlocked in Northrend, as you can see in the screenshot above. The quest and the world bosses that reward you with catch-up gear have not yet been implemented.

How can something like that happen?
The current content in the game, which is already part of the pre-patch but is not implemented correctly, has something to do with the carelessness of the developers. But who knows exactly what kind of workflows are behind it. In addition, some developers are still housed in shelters due to the fires around Irvine.

As for the promos (advertising on Facebook, YouTube, etc.), keep in mind that there are campaigns that have been planned months in advance. To move these back or to move is obviously not that easy in a short time. Overall, the postponement of Shadowlands simply jumbled up some schedules.

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