Protection Paladin Tank Guide (BfA Patch 8.3)

We show you what has changed in the Protection Paladin with Battle for Azeroth, explain the strengths and weaknesses of the gameplay and compare the performance of the "Prot-Palas" in raids, arenas and in solo play with the performance of other classes and gameplay . On the other pages you will also find a short beginner's guide, we explain the tank's abilities and talents in detail and give you solid information on how to play to get the most out of the tank paladin in raids and mythic dungeons.

The Protection Paladin Tank Guide is at the Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.3 booth and is constantly being updated by us for new updates.

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WoW: Protection Paladin – Changes to launch Battle for Azeroth

Although the class adjustments in BfA are quite small, there are still some important changes to the protection paladin.

Most important changes:

The launch of the latest expansion has brought a lot of minor adjustments to the protection paladin. In addition to the elimination of the artifact weapon, some skills and mastery have been revised somewhat. Shield of the Righteous no longer reduces all damage taken per se, but increases your armor by a value that depends heavily on your strength. So the more strength you collect, the more armor the attack grants. Also needs Shield of the Righteous now no longer a direct target and hits all enemies in front of you. Hit with the Avenger's Shield also increase the armament-increasing effect by 20 percent. Consecration now has a significantly shorter cooldown, but can no longer be stacked. However, the new one applies Championship: Divine Bulwarkwhich reduces your damage taken whenever you are within your Consecration stop.

WoW: The protection paladin is so strong in Patch 8.3

With Battle for Azeroth, the developers have addressed the weaknesses of the protection paladin and eliminated or at least mitigated some of them. While running Shield of the Righteous it is no longer as stable as it was with Legion. However, if the shield is not active, the holy tin can will no longer be knocked down by any raid boss in record time. This makes the Paladin's tank game a little less prone to playful mistakes and strengthens his position in raids and mythical dungeons. Thanks to the new championship, the Holy Knight is unfortunately even less mobile than before. Due to the many helpful support spells and the high toughness, the protection paladin remains one of the stronger tanks in BfA.


If the protection paladin is alone in the free world, he does not have to hide from any opponent. Even if you permanently mess with a whole horde of mobs, your life points rarely drop into a critical area. The defensive and self-healing of the tank palas are simply too strong for that. However, permanent pulling from all enemies within range is also the only way to keep up with the pace of the damage classes when questing and leveling – even if you fully rely on the talents that give you more DpS and movement speed.


In the Battle for Azeroth dungeons, the protection paladin is one of the stronger tanks. Its strong active mitigation (AM) by the Shield of the Righteous ensures that he receives the least damage from all front fighters. With some bosses he still has to fight hard, because the incoming damage is still high off the shield, and causes one or the other damage peak. Apart from the monk, all tanks are currently doing the same. Unfortunately there are also few fights in BfA in which the paladin with his strong abilities like God's shield and Blessing of spell protection can bypass entire mechanics and gain an advantage.


Most tanks are close together in raids. The pala is ranked in the middle. He has some strengths, but also serious weaknesses. While no other tank needs as little healing as the paladin, no other tank has as few life points and defenses so weak when its AM is not active. As a result, the Pala quickly falls over against tough bosses unless you play carefully. In return, however, he has some strong talents and abilities with which he can lever out entire boss mechanics.


The Protection Paladin does not play a relevant role in PvP. Barely represented in the arena, you can sometimes see him as a flag bearer or defender on the battlefield – but nothing more.

About our authors

This guide was written by Philipp "Karangor"Saddler written. Philipp has been playing his paladin in all three specializations for over ten years, has played every raid since Ragnaros and has successfully put all of the bosses in the dust.

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