PS Plus: Double discounts on PS4 games

Are you secret or scary PS Plus subscribers, and do you like to dig up big games at low prices? Well, we already know the double discounts – discounts that apply twice if you subscribe to PS Plus. The campaign is online again, and I would be happy to use my detective magnifier to pick out a few worthwhile offers for you.

Double lasts better, and in this case discount + discount is definitely worthwhile, at least if some of the games within the discount campaign smile at you. The offerings are dominated by DLCs and season passes, but some blockbusters can still be found if you look very closely. Or leave it to me, because I'm already practicing it.

Note: All listed here Discounts only apply to PS Plus subscribers. If you don't have a PS Plus, you will also see discounts, but they are only half as big. Depending on which account you are logged in with, you will see the corresponding prices.

In addition to the PS Plus games that appear monthly and are available to you free of charge, enables you to PS Plus subscription also to use any online services on your Playstation. In addition, “there are special discounts now and then that are reserved for PS Plus subscribers. Incidentally, it is rumored that not only in June Call of Duty: WW2 flies free as a PS-Plus game over the counter, but also Spider-Man. We'll find out soon.