The PS5 has officially launched. Is the "old" PlayStation 4 now a thing of the past? In an interview, Sony boss comments on the future of the console – and has good news for all PS4 players.

PlayStation 4

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PS4 does not end up on the sidelines: Sony boss reveals future plans

On November 19th, the PlayStation 5 officially went on sale. Even before the release it was clear: Not every player will get a console at the start, since Sony can hardly keep up with the production. Even now, not all pre-orderers have received their PS5s.

But what are Sony's plans for the future? Will the PS4 end up on the siding now? Will all new games appear exclusively for the new PlayStation 5? In an interview with EDGE magazine Sony boss Jim Ryan has now officially commented on the matter:

“We feel that we have a responsibility to this very large community. We have the opportunity to keep making great PS4 gamesas long as the need exists.

I think this is the right and most sensible course of action. And I think, that you will see more sustained support for the PS4 that the PS3 didn't have. However, over time the PS5 will become more and more important and at some point it will be the leading development platform. "

And what else happened this week? In the video we summarize the most important messages briefly and concisely for you:

Old console remains relevant: PS4 is not yet a thing of the past

So the bottom line is that PS4 players can look forward to because Sony will continue to supply the console with new games for the foreseeable future. But that's also in Sony's interest. Because despite the brilliant sales start of the PS5, there are understandably more players who are on the PS4 so far. That will not change in the coming months either.

With the PS4, Sony was able to clearly prevail over Microsoft. Here's how the console manufacturer did it:

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However, PS4 players have to be prepared to that their console will no longer play first fiddle with the developers. PS3 and Xbox 360 players saw what this can lead to at CoD: Black Ops 3, whose graphics looked underground on the old-gen consoles. Let's hope the PS4 doesn't expect the same fate.