PS4 controller DualShock 4 in price decline: popular gamepad for the best price

In addition to the Xbox One controller from Microsoft, the "DualShock 4" PS4 controller from Sony is also among the most popular gamepads among gamers outside of the console market. With an original RRP of 59.99 euros, the controller went into the race. Meanwhile, the 4th generation PlayStation controller is often much cheaper. We'll tell you where you can get the controller the cheapest and if it's worth the offer.

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Sony DualShock 4 V2: The best, current offer

The cheapest offer for the DualShock 4 V2 you get right now at Baur, There you can do this in white For only 36.96 euros including shipping. Although the controller costs 51.94 euros in the shop itself – but can by paying over Paydirekt to be reduced by 15 euros. New customers will also receive the postage.

PlayStation 4: Price evolution of the DualShock 4 controller

After the PS4 controller of the first generation for originally 59.99 euros in November 2013 appeared together with the PlayStation 4, the gamepad was revised in 2016 due to various shortcomings. Sony improved the material used for the analog sticks, as they had unusually fast wear. The revised version "DualShock 4 V2" also differs by the slightly different color of the buttons and sticks as well as the glowing through a light bar touchpad. The micro-USB port also allows direct connection to the PS4 to reduce latency.

Depending on the color you get the PS4 pad now much cheaper than the introduction. specially limited editions of the gamepad are excluded here. They are generally available for an RRP of 65.99 euros up to 69.99 euros. If you are not fussy about color, you'll even get a DualShock 4 controller for 40 to 45 euros, In terms of the historic best price of 34.90 euros (on the black controller, which is even lower than the white version) from the end of July 2019, makes the offer of Baur not a bad figure.

On average you should expect a price of 50 euros. at Media Markt. Saturn or are the controllers in different colors every now and then for the price or even clearly available below, With the Price list of Idealo you keep the overview regardless of the model.

PS4 controller and PC gaming – how compatible is the controller?

Not only console gamers are increasingly using the popular gamepad. Even PC players like to use the DualShock 4. Anyone who wants to connect the PS4 controller to the PC, can do this now at least on the games platform "Steam" via cable without any problems. Not only the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch Pro controller is fully supported, but also the Sony pad.

Directly in Windows, the whole thing via cable or Bluetooth works well, but in contrast to the Xbox one controller you usually need a tool such as "DS4 To XInput Wrapper" or "DS4Windows" to properly configure the buttons, since the XInput Protocol from Microsoft is not supported natively by Sony.

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PlayStation 5: Is the PS4 controller backward compatible?

Whether you can use the PS4 gamepad with the next generation of consoles is not yet clear. Since the DS4 is also supported by the PlayStation 3, it is quite likely that Sony will continue to support the popular controller in the next generation.