The rumors of PS4 hits making their way to PC are not stopping. After Uncharted and Bloodborne were mentioned, another PS4 cracker joins the group. A suspicious detail on its game case now gives cause for speculation.

Ghost of Tsushima

Is Ghost of Tsushima also coming for the PC?

Sony has successfully demonstrated it with Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone: PC player fight for the coveted PS4 title. Sony had announced that therefore more games from their house will follow. Since then there has been wild speculation and desire.

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Most recently, Sony itself had revealed another PC port from the cult series Uncharted. And now a another top game ready to go for the PC gamers. The Ghost of Tsushima game case gives reason to suspect.

How Videogameschronicle reported Sony have two Details on the case of the game modified. For one thing, they are promoting the Multiplayer-Modus more prominent, on the other hand it is „Only On PlayStation“-Logo (in German: Only for PlayStation) disappeared. And that’s the interesting point, because: With the already ported hits like Horizon and Days Gone, this also happened before.

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Ghost of Tsushima - PS4: Order now

Ghost of Tsushima – PS4: Order now

Isn’t there just a PS5 version coming?

However, it could also be possible that Sony has a PS5-Version plans for Ghost of Tsushima. Other titles that have a PS5 version, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales for example, they are no longer equipped with the “Only on PlayStation” logo.

With current PS5 exclusive games such as Demon’s Souls oder Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Sony has also already done without an exclusivity logo. It is conceivable that Sony will step up in the long term PC-Releases will set and therefore saves the mark for exclusivity right away.

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What do you think of the removed logo on the game cover of Ghost of Tsushima? Is the open world adventure getting ready for the PC? Or is that completely far-fetched? Feel free to write us your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook!