An internal battery in the PS4, which is connected to the console's system clock, could ensure that your physical and digital games can no longer be used offline.

Your PS4 is running out of time!

If you see the code CE 34878-0 on your PS4, then you can no longer use your games. The error indicates that the battery is empty or defective. You can then no longer play even disc versions. But only if you cannot connect to Sony's servers online. This is related to the trophies. A system clock that is set to an earlier date would theoretically enable you to earn trophies earlier. To prevent this from happening, the console basically blocks all games if the system clock stops working.

Then you have no choice but to play online, because the console synchronizes the date and time with the Sony servers and the games work again. At least as long as the servers are still running. At some point Sony will probably switch it off, but that will certainly be a long time coming. After all, the PS4 is still a very successful console. Still, this is very annoying, because it basically means that you will get your Playstation 4 at some point in the future (buy now € 299.00 ) can no longer use. Because at some point the battery will be empty and if there are no more servers for the PS4 games, then that will be it. Then we can only hope that all PS4 titles will also be compatible with newer consoles like the PS5.

Source: Twitter via GamePro



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