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Sony releases the PS4 firmware 7.50. The new system update is now available for download. The publisher has already published the patch notes, however, too many innovations and changes are not expected. The changelog only shows that the PS4 firmware 7.50 should improve the general stability and performance of the PlayStation 4. However, the beta test, which took place last month for the new firmware, could have provided more details about the update. You can read all the information in the article.

Sony has released the PS4 firmware 7.50 for download. The new system update is now available for all users on PlayStation 4. You will get the software as usual from the PSN the next time your console is connected to the Internet. Alternatively, you can load the firmware via an external storage medium. The necessary update file is in the Support area on the Sony website ready. However, major changes or innovations are not expected with the PS4 firmware 7.50.

The patch notes for PS4 update 7.50 only show that the firmware improves the general stability and performance of the console. The changelog does not name what Sony specifically changes. However, a beta test of the new update, which was carried out last month among selected PS4 players, could have provided more details about the changes. Even then, no new functions were promised on the part of Sony. However, testers found two new features.

According to the information, the support for the copy protection standard HDCP 2.3 was tested. Nothing changes for the user. Rather, Sony seems to be preparing to encrypt upcoming high-resolution content that could be important for PS5. Fans had also discovered in the beta test of the PS4 firmware 7.50 that games and applications could be placed manually. You can find much more information about the PS4 in our news area. Incidentally, Sony is currently giving away two PS4 games to all users. (buy now for € 317.00)

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