Sony released the PS4 firmware 8.50. How, among other things, the website initially only selected beta testers will have access to the new system update. Users will be notified of possible participation by email – including download instructions for the new PlayStation 4 software. It is assumed that the new PS4 firmware will be released as a download for all PS4 users in the course of spring. The patch notes are already available – and with them details on the changes and innovations.

After downloading the PS4 firmware 8.50 (buy now € 324.89 ) For example, you can switch the notifications on or off for individual groups. You call up the option on the group screen. On the game session screen, in turn, it is now possible to send the player a request to join the game. Also, if you play a game that you have hidden, other players will no longer be able to see that you have played it.

With the PlayStation 4 firmware 8.50, Sony is also canceling a PSN feature: the communities will no longer be available after the system update has been downloaded. As soon as we receive more information about the new PS4 firmware, you will find out as usual on our topic page. It's best to keep an eye on our news section. In December 2020 Sony PS4 firmware 8.03 for download Approved.

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