PS4 Pro with Vodafone contract at a bargain price

Anyone who is currently looking for a new mobile phone contract in the Vodafone network with massive data volume can look forward to a nice bonus thanks to an offer – a PlayStation 4 Pro. For whom the combined deal is worthwhile, GIGA will tell you.

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Tariff deal: PS4 Pro and Vodafone contract in a combined deal

The website preisbörse24 currently has a particularly interesting mobile phone contract on offer. You can get the Otelo Allnet-Flat Classic LTE from the provider. The tariff offers an all-net flat and a whopping 10 GB data volume in the LTE network from Vodafone. A special highlight of the tariff deal: For a surcharge of 39.95 euros you will also receive a brand new PS4 Pro. But does this really make the offer worthwhile? We did the math for you.

  • Tariff: 19.99 euros per month x 24 = 479.76 euros
  • Surcharge for the PS4 Pro: = 39.95 euros
  • = 519.71 euros – 309.90 euros (current purchase cost of a PS4 Pro) = 209.81 euros
  • = 8.74 euros per month

After deducting the purchase costs of the PS4 Pro, the tariff effectively only costs you 8.74 euros per month. For a contract in the Vodafone network with a data volume of 10 GB, this is a very solid offer.

The contract: Otelo Allnet-Flat Classic LTE

The most important key data of the Otelo Allnet-Flat Classic LTE at a glance:

  • Provider: Otelo
  • Network: Vodafone
  • Allnet flat in all German networks
  • 10 GB LTE data volume (21.6 MBit / s)
  • EU roaming included
  • Basic fee per month: 19.99 euros
  • Provision fee: 39.99 euros (can however be reimbursed via the MeinOtelo app)
  • Data automatic: no

In the Allnet Flat Classic LTE, Otelo offers you 10 GB LTE data volume in the Vodafone network. The surfing speed is limited to 21.6 Mbit / s. If you want to surf at 50 Mbit / s, you can book this option for an additional 5 euros per month. A telephone and SMS flat rate for all German networks is included in the contract as well as EU roaming. If the data volume is completely used up, surfing continues at a speed of 64 kbps. If you take your phone number with you when you change your contract, you can also secure a € 25 exchange credit.

Termination: You must not forget to terminate within the two years. This works out preferably via subscription alarm,

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GIGA assessment: is the tariff deal worth it?

If you want to buy a PS4 Pro anyway and are looking for a tariff in the Vodafone network with a lot of data volume, you can hit it here without hesitation. The speed is rather low, but in everyday life the 21.6 Mbit / s should be sufficient for most applications.

But if you want to secure the offer, you'd better hurry up. In the past, such bundle offers with consoles were often sold out very quickly. However, there is no official expiry date for the promotion.