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Sony is currently sending out invitations to owners of a Playstation 4 to test the upcoming firmware update 7.50. Sony is hoping for a lot of feedback.

Firmware update 7.50 will soon appear for Playstation 4, So that everything runs smoothly when uploading, the update must be tested beforehand.

Beta test of the new update

Therefore, Sony is currently sending invitations to PS4 owners to participate in the beta. Those who agree will get a pre-release version of the new firmware and should see if everything is OK. If there are any problems, feedback must be given to Sony so that the developers can still make changes.

Sony explains that firmware 7.50 does not bring any new features. It's all about improvements in the stability of the system. However, it would also be conceivable that Sony wants to keep a bit covered when it comes to new functions.

It is not yet clear when the new firmware update will be officially released for the PS4 (buy now for € 258.75) appears. This also depends on the beta test. If not too many changes need to be made, then it shouldn't be that long before the update is made available to everyone.

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