Sony pulls the plug: after 5 years, an old PS4 function will be finally buried with the 8.50 update. After installing the console patch, the traditional feature is no longer available.

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Update from April 15th, 2021: Now it is time. The new Update 8.50 for the PS4 is now available to all players. After downloading, installing and restarting the console you will no longer have access to the community function to have. A big loss for the players who have used the function to this day. The majority of PS4 users are likely to have ignored the feature for a long time.

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Community function before the end: Sony cancels old PS4 function

Bad news for anyone using the PS4’s community feature: How reports Sony will finally cancel the function with the 8.50 update. The patch is already being distributed to the beta testers’ consoles – so it should also be released to all other users in the near future. The official PlayStation blog communicates that the feature will no longer be available from April 2021.

For many players this will be a big blow. The function was mainly used by users to network with one another, to get to know new people or to find potential players.

Update 8.50 for the PS4 brings even more changes:

  • Notifications for each group can now be switched on or off in “Messages”. Open the group screen, then the options menu and select “Turn off notifications”.
  • In the “Gaming Session” menu, you can now use the “Request to join” button to ask the session leader to join their game. The session leader can then send you an invitation to join the game session.
  • If you play a game that you have hidden, other players online will no longer be able to see that you are playing it.

And what else has happened in the last week? In the GIGA headlines we summarize the most important messages for you:

Spring cleaning at Sony: PlayStation features land on the siding

A real spring cleaning seems to be taking place at Sony. The company recently announced that it would also remove the “Series & Films” category from the PlayStation Store in August 2021. From this point on, PlayStation players will no longer be able to buy video content directly from the PS Store, and third-party video apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and YouTube will still be accessible.

If you own a PS4, you should also have the following games in your library:

Sony has also given the all-clear: PS4 users who have already bought or rented films and series from the PlayStation Store can still watch them after the “Movie Store” has been switched off.

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