It’s been a good year PlayStation 5 Already on the market, even if it’s so hard to get hold of that some players may only use it for a legend keep. Whoever wants to buy one doesn’t just have to a lot of patience but also much luck bring along, mostly all available copies are sold out again within a few minutes or even seconds.

What triggers the restricted offer in some people is now shown terrible incident in the USA. When trying to use his PlayStation 5 (buy now ) to sell, a 19-year-old turned out to be shot. The perpetrator is currently on the run – but without the console.

An almost fatal sale attempt

The events took place in Harrison County, Texas. Of the 19 year olds I offered the PlayStation 5 online and soon a potential buyer contacted him. The two arranged a meeting at which the allegedly interested Buyers with a Firearm showed up.

What exactly happened next is not known. However, the 19-year-old was shot by the opposite and then almost immediately into the hospital brought. Fortunately, the police report that the wound is there not life threatening and the young salesman is now in one stable condition.

The perpetrator fled immediately after his act, even leaving the PlayStation 5 behind, for which he had been ready to hurt another person. Steve Campion, reporter at ABC123, shared a picture of the console lying in the mud on twitter. The perpetrator is currently on the run, the police could not provide a description.

Those: ABC123

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