Both PS5 and Xbox Series X come with extensive backward compatibility. Almost all of the more than 4,000 available PS4 games should be played on the PlayStation 5 – the List of exceptions is short. Microsoft's Xbox Series X also offers a comprehensive game library: all titles that can also be played on Xbox One are available on the new console – with the exception of the games that require the Kinect motion sensor. The special feature: Benefit from the additional performance of the new consoles Players about higher resolutions and frame rates.

Also appealing: thanks to the built-in SSD memory on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the loading times are shorter than on the previous consoles. Sony and Microsoft promise to reduce loading times to a minimum. Most recently, a video showed impressively how fast the PS5 Exclusive Demon's Souls loads on the new Sony console. But the games of the previous consoles that have not yet been optimized for the next-gen also score points on the new hardware with their loading times. (buy now )

The website has taken a closer look at this topic – and shows a comparison of loading times in a new video. In the clip, the loading times of Red Dead Redemption 2, Final Fantasy 15, Destiny 2, Monster Hunter World and Batman: Arkham Knight between PS5 and Xbox Series X compared. The games were installed on the internal SSDs of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The winner in this duel is the new console from Microsoft.

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PS5: The first console of a YouTuber should already be defective

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