PS5 and Xbox Series X: Tips for buying a TV and more

LCD TVs for game consoles

The new consoles Playstation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X will come onto the market before Christmas – provided nothing unusual happens. For one or the other, this should also mean that a new television may be necessary in order to be able to use the new generation of consoles in full. Sony has already presented new Bravia TV models including the PS5 compatibility seal – more on that later.

In our special, we give you some tips about LCD TVs in connection with game consoles, which should help you make a purchase decision – we use LCD TVs to summarize all types such as LED or OLED. We clarify terms such as 4K, HDR and more, and also give food for thought on these topics. So it's mainly about things that are interesting or even important for the PS5 and Xbox Series X in TV sets – we will also think through the question of whether a new device will be necessary at all at the end.

4K – the measure of all things

4K or UHD, i.e. a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels, was expensive fun just a few years ago. 4K has twice as many pixels in width and height as Full HD (1920 by 1080 pixels), so that four times the number of pixels results. In contrast to PC monitors, which have WQHD, a popular 16-to-9 resolution as a compromise between Full HD and 4K, there was a direct jump from Full HD to 4K with televisions.

Playstation 5 with controller

Playstation 5 with controller

Source: Sony

So many more pixels are of course more expensive to produce – but production has now become so cheap that a 4K television does not cost significantly more than a device with Full HD. The price gap narrowed – at least from around 40 inches diagonal – also due to the mass demand, because the costs not only include pure production, but also the question of how well the devices can be sold. Full HD is still very widespread in monitors, and, as mentioned, there is also WQHD. Also important: PCs are more about diagonals of only 24 to 32 inches – the price gap to 4K is therefore still comparatively high. With televisions, however, this looks different, also because the manufacturers are pushing 4K in this area. Nowadays it is even difficult to find a TV that does not offer 4K – at least if it is not about a small diagonal.

From the at PC games hardware price comparison listed almost 1700 TV sets from 40 inches offer over 1480 models 4K or even 8K. Mathematically, this is almost 88 percent. If you require a diagonal of at least 49 inches, it is even 96 percent. In short, that means that there is no point in deliberately looking for a device with less than 4K unless you are looking for an enormously cheap TV, for example as a second device for the bedroom or something similar. Some manufacturers are now not even offering full HD for many diagonals because it is not worth offering a full HD range for those who end up doing without 4K because of a few euros in savings.

Xbox Series X with controller

Xbox Series X with controller

Source: Microsoft

Games should run on the PS5 and Xbox Series X in 4K, at least optionally – this means that one or the other is probably thinking of buying a new TV set. Be it because he doesn't have 4K yet or because he wants to use improved image features, which we will get to later. In Germany, there will also be savings of a few euros in the next few months due to the lower value added tax due to the corona pandemic. But we know from the PC: Four times more pixels than with Full HD means that with otherwise identical graphic details, the FPS (frames per second) drop to around a third of the Full HD value. The publishers of graphically complex games for PS5 or Xbox Series X will therefore have the opportunity to offer the player a choice in the three factors resolution, richness of detail and FPS – similar to what you do with PC games with default settings such as low, medium and high already knows. How exactly this will look in the end is up to the game manufacturer and also depends on the game, as some graphically not particularly demanding games will run without problems even in 4K with full details at 60 or even 120 FPS, which the new consoles also support.

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