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Even if players are currently reaching for every straw to get hold of a PS5 somewhere, you should pay close attention to every offer. This applies, for example, to

Do you have a Playstation 5 to get? If not, then you might still be looking. But check every offer very carefully!

PS5 for 4.95 euros? currently has a pretty tempting offer. If you take out a new green electricity or gas tariff, you will receive a Playstation 5 (buy now ) for an additional payment of 4.95 euros. But first you have to see whether you will save at all if you change providers or whether you will ultimately pay more. If your costs for electricity and / or gas rise, the offer may not be worthwhile for you.

So before you accept this offer, have your monthly payment calculated and compare it with what you are currently paying. In addition, it is not at all certain when you will get the PS5 if you take up the offer from The console may not ship until next year.

Fake shops are also currently being reported. These offer PS5 consoles but the companies are not registered in the commercial register. Therefore, the suspicion arises that these are online shops that were set up quickly by fraudsters and that sell consoles that they do not even have. If you order something there, the money may be gone. Therefore, always pay attention to where you are ordering and whether it is a reputable shop.

It's best to order from well-known retailers such as:

It is worthwhile to stop by the dealer pages from time to time. Because consoles appear from time to time.

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