This year it's particularly annoying, because so-called scalpers use their bots to access the already barely available copies of the PS5 consoles, the Xbox Series X, the new Geforce RTX 3000 graphics cards and more within a few seconds. The products are then resold at a significantly higher price. And apparently there is nothing that retailers or manufacturers can do about it.

There are no measures against scalpers

At least this is explained by a bot programmer who spoke to the game economy under the pseudonym "T3RRORTOAST". At first he said that his goal is to make money. It's not about good or bad, but purely about the money. He explains that there is nothing that retailers and manufacturers can do against scalpers and their bots. According to him, all measures against professional bots are useless and according to him, traders have no interest in doing anything against scalpers.

It would be possible for customers to order with a verification of their identity card or with Postident, but that would put the customers off. The simplest possible ordering process is required. Even a boycott of resales on Ebay is unrealistic. Because there are simply enough people who, due to the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) principle, are willing to pay exorbitant prices before they miss the opportunity to gain access.

Merely bringing high numbers of coveted products onto the market would result in resellers being less successful. But that's this year with the PS5 (buy now ), the Xbox Series X, Geforce and Radeon graphics cards or the new AMD processors just didn't happen, which opened the door to scalpers.

Source: Games economy

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