PS5 breaks an incredible record and already puts the PS4 in the shade

The pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 were more than satisfactory for Sony. The demand from the players is huge, which is already bearing fruit. The next-gen console has broken an insane record that dwarfs the PS4.

PlayStation 5

PS5 beats PS4 in no time at all

Even before the PlayStation 5 is released on November 19th, the upcoming console will already have one impressive record on. According to an interview with Sony CEO Jim Ryan Reuters, were in the first 12 hours more PS5s pre-ordered than the PS4 could achieve in 12 full weeks. This refers to the American market.

That is an insanely fast record. Ryan does not give an exact number of how many next-gen consoles have landed in the shopping cart so far. He describes the great demand for pre-orders with the words "Very, very remarkable."

Even if the COVID-19 pandemic Sales of the PS5 seem to have a significant negative impact on business, game development and hardware component suppliers thrust to have missed. People spend more time at home and pass it off by gambling.

PS5 could break more records

Sony's profit has soared that the PS5 can be assumed to be the first generation of consoles could be that is not losing money in its launch year. Because despite the extensive sales, the console business is mostly in the red for the company by the time it is released.

Would you like to find out more about the record holder? In our practical overview we have summarized all information about the price and release of the PS5.

If you are considering switching from the PS4 to the PS5, you should know that the following games will not run on the next-gen console:

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No chance for the PS5: These PS4 games do not run on the successor

The PS4 has sold more than 100 million times in the course of its life cycle. Judging by the current record of pre-orders, the "100 million" mark could also be cracked by the PS5 at some point.

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