PS5: Clear opinion on the design of the PlayStation 5 – that's what our readers say – up to date

from David Martin
Sony finally shows the design of the PS5: At an event on the "future of gaming", the publisher surprised with a first look at the housing of the new console. The PlayStation 5 boldly presents itself with a white-black color scheme – matching the DualSense controllers that were introduced a few weeks ago. In our survey, we wanted to know how you like the design of the PS5. The result is now available – also for your game highlights of the event.

On the Event on the "future of gaming" Sony put that PlayStation 5 design before – and thus granted a look at the housing optics for the first time. The design of the new console looks futuristic, lively – and matches the color scheme to the white and black DualSense controllers that Sony presented a few weeks earlier. In our survey we wanted to know how you liked the Sony event, the games presented and of course the design. The results of our survey are now available – more than 1,200 readers took part.

The PS5 event, which was primarily about the first games for the console, was "well received" by 33 percent of our readers. 27 percent voted for "very good". A similar number of readers chose the option "Wing so". Around six percent of the participants did not like the PS5 show at all. Among other things, Sony showed at the event Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West and Resident Evil 8 Village for PlayStation 5 (buy now). At the end of the show, the publisher surprisingly presented the design of the new console. The opinion of our readers is clear: 41 percent voted that they liked the design of the console "very well". Almost 25 percent of our readers rate the design of the PS5 as "good". 18 percent voted for "is so", 15 percent for "not at all".

Horizon Forbidden West as a game highlight

In our survey, we also wanted to find out your game highlight of the PS5 show. The new action role-playing game Horizon Forbidden West secured victory by a clear margin – with 38 percent of all votes. Behind it are Resident Evil 8 Village (10 percent), Gran Turismo 7 (9.6 percent) and the Demon's Souls Remake (7.1 percent). Whether our readers look after the event Pre-order PS5 was another question. Here, opinions are mixed: 43 percent voted to want to buy the console in advance. For 39 percent of our readers, however, pre-ordering the PlayStation 5 is out of the question.

The readers in the survey also informed us that they had missed information about a price. Even after the recent Sony event, it is therefore not clear how much the PlayStation 5 will cost to launch. Fans also want to finally know the final release date: Sony continues to state "end of 2020" as the launch period. Often the desire for a different color design is also PS5 voiced, such as black. It is likely that Sony will later launch the console in additional color designs, but has not yet been confirmed. As soon as we receive further information about this, you will of course find out as usual in our news area.

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