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Sony presents news about the PS5. The publisher has finally released tangible information and first pictures of the new DualSense controller for PlayStation 5. The new gamepad comes with special features and a revised design. A few weeks ago, Sony already presented the PS5 hardware specs – and thus provided an outlook on the performance of the new console. So that you don't miss anything, we have put together all the interesting details about the PlayStation 5 in a new video special. The release of the PS5 is planned for the end of 2020. So far there is no price.

Gradually, Sony presents news about the PS5. In the meantime, the publisher has presented the design of the new PS5 controller – and confirmed the name DualSense for the gamepad. "We can now provide developers with our new controller in its final design so that they can incorporate its unique features into their games," Sony writes on the PlayStation blog announcement. The new features include haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

The developers also worked on the design. The DualSense is more rounded than the DualShock 4 and comes in two colors – the standard model comes in white and black. "After careful consideration, we decided to keep a lot of what gamers love about the DualShock 4 while adding new features and refining the design," Sony said of the PlayStation 5 controller. However, the Japanese company still keeps the design of the actual console under wraps. So what the PS5 ultimately looks like, Sony has yet to reveal.

A few weeks ago, Sony had revealed the hardware specs of the PS5 – and thus allowed a look at the performance of the new console. Accordingly, an 8-core Zen 2 processor works at 3.5 gigahertz in the PS5. The graphics unit has 36 CUs with a clock rate of 2.23 gigahertz. Sony puts the overall performance of the PlayStation 5 at 10.28 TFLOPs. The RAM is 16 gigabytes (GDDR6 RAM / 256-bit). Games and other programs should particularly benefit from the fast SSD, with which loading times are to be reduced to a minimum. The memory size of the PS5 SSD is 825 gigabytes.

For a better overview, we have created a new video special that summarizes all the news about PlayStation 5 again. We have included the video below. The release of the PS5 is planned for the end of 2020. A final date has not yet been reached. So far, Sony has not mentioned the price of the PS5.

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