Sony apparently wants to write even bigger numbers with their PlayStation 5 – even old console records are to be broken for this. But how does Sony plan to counteract the continuing shortage of components? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

PlayStation 5

Sony wants to break their own PS One record

From a shareholders’ meeting of the console giant it emerges that Sony apparently great plans with the PlayStation 5, so reported GameInfinitus. So far it has been going on despite the ongoing Semiconductor scarcity pretty good for the console maker: the PS5 even ranks just above the PS4 itself fastest selling console from.

On the consumer side, it looks with the Availability the PS5 continues to look bad. We recommend our handy article on PS5 availability to have the perfect overview:

None of that stops Sony from making ambitious plans for the Fiscal year 2022 set up: Sony wants more than 22.6 million Selling console units and even breaking the company’s own record from 1998. The first PlayStation At that time, it sold an incredible 22.6 million times in the launch year.

Where are the consoles supposed to come from, Sony?

These plans are laudable and understandable, the only question is: How does Sony plan to do that? Does Sony know something we don’t know yet? The global situation for Bottleneck of the important semiconductor component According to various industry experts, it should continue for some time.

Also the one that still exists pandemic will probably lead to production and delivery problems again and again. And do it at the end of the chain Scalper make the problem worse by buying up available inventory and selling it overpriced.

Even if Sony strives to get these numbers ahead of its shareholders, they are unlikely to be magical Production conditions for the PS5 change. This message is likely for many waiting PlayStation players again frustration to care. Sony wants to offer many PS5 consoles, it probably will high demand but still cannot cover.

Unless Sony actually makes it to the production of the PS5 other methods or designs to avoid the semiconductor scarcity. Otherwise, we can probably continue to wait longingly for a PS5 surplus.

What do you think about the topic? Are 22 million consoles a sporting goal for Sony? And do you think that they will actually be able to deliver that many PS5 consoles? Just visit us on Facebook and write us your opinions in the comments.