Dusk Golem, an insider who was especially correct with details about the upcoming horror game Resident Evil Village, recently started a discussion. According to his information, there is a lot of fake 4K in the PS5 because the console allegedly has problems displaying native 4K smoothly. But the developers of the shooter Quantum Error got involved.

4K with 60 fps are possible

"I don't know where this quote came from, but it wasn't ours," said Quantum Error's Twitter account. "Quantum Error is currently running unoptimized at 4K 65-70 FPS. We're going to hit our goal of 4K 60 FPS. And you'll see a lot more than just corridors lol!"

At least Quantum Error will be on the PS5 (buy now) So run in 4K with 60 fps. It remains to be seen whether this is also the case with other games. It certainly depends on how complex and graphically complex a title is. It is only logical that we see some games that run more smoothly because they may use stylized graphics that are not as detailed, while other titles that rely more on realism and detail do not quite reach 60 fps.

At least one developer has now confirmed that 60 fps with a resolution of 4K are also possible on the PS5. That should calm down one or the other player who, according to Dusk Golem, may have been a little unsettled.

"We will probably have the maximum graphic details that we can use for the 4K 60FPS target. But the idea of ​​120FPS is fascinating," the developer said. This indicates that the PS5 is even able to display 120 fps with slightly reduced details. It is unclear whether this also applies to 4K.

Source: Twitter via GamePro

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