Sony presented two models of the new Playstation 5 in a showcase event. We followed the event live and are now summarizing all the essentials. Microsoft was already on the trigger and, in addition to the Xbox Series X, had also announced an entry-level model without a disc drive, the Xbox Series S, for November 10th. The latter will cost 299 euros, while Microsoft will offer the much more powerful Xbox Series X with a disc drive at 499 euros.

Quite a few observers had expected a higher price for the Xbox Series X because of the supposedly strong hardware, including for Sony's new Playstation 5 (buy now ) For a long time a price above 500 euros or dollars was assumed. It is possible that Sony will now adapt to the competitor or even undercut the price – what exactly Sony plans to do with the Playstation 5 and what information the Japanese company has announced about the new console, but also about games for the new generation of consoles at the live event, will be learned you now from us.

Playstation 5 release dates and prices

The vast majority of the event was made up of games, which we will get to below.

The new Playstation 5. In the digital edition, the drive on the right is missing, so that the left and right side of the console are symmetrical to each other.

The new Playstation 5. In the digital edition, the drive on the right is missing, so that the left and right side of the console are symmetrical to each other.

Source: Sony

There was a comparatively small time window for the event stream for the new game consoles. What was already known: There is the Playstation 5 as the main model and a version without a drive, the Playstation 5 digital Edition. The dimensions of both consoles are identical except for the fact that the normal version has a kind of belly on the right side (seen from the front) because of the drive to provide space for the drive. The photo on the left shows the version with a drive. The look was already known and so it was no surprise. At the live event, Sony announced the exact prices and a release date. This was initiated by tracking shots around the Playstation 5 with detail shots and accompanied by bombastic music. This quasi-trailer then resulted in an overview of the prices and release dates: The two new consoles will be available in Germany from November 19, for 399 and 499 euros respectively. Incidentally, in the USA, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, Playstation fans can get started a week in advance, because the consoles there will be released on November 12th.

In addition to accessories such as HD cameras, wireless headsets and a remote control, Sony also presented a charging station that can charge up to two of the new Playstation 5 Dual Sense controllers.

Two of the new controllers in one charger.

Source: Sony

Once that was clear, Sony CEO Jim Ryan had a brief say, and we mean really brief. Because in just six sentences he thanked the community for watching the showcase and the support for the Playstation, among other things, he also hopes that the fans will get to their console promptly and announced another new game at the end. There was no new information about the technology during the showcase. The currently (as of September 16, 23:00) still mentioned on the Playstation website are already known: A particularly fast SSD with a special interface connection for developers, ray tracing compatibility, 4K support for games, up to 120 frames per second, HDR and also support for 8K resolution. Of course there are also pictures of the new controllers for the Playstation 5 – you can see one of them directly to the left of this paragraph. As far as the games from the showcase event are concerned, we will summarize everything on the next page.

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