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PS5 and Xbox Series X are the releases of the new Sony and Microsoft consoles. The launch is planned for the Christmas season 2020 – concrete release dates have so far been missing. Sony appears to be taking a different path than Microsoft when it comes to the game line-up for the launch. The Xbox manufacturer recently announced that the first exclusive games are expected one year after the Xbox Series X release. Until then, the new games will appear for both Xbox One and Series X. Sony appears to have other plans.

Sony and Microsoft are preparing their new consoles: the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X is planned for the end of the year. The publishers have not yet released specific release dates. Just so much: Both consoles should be on the shelves just in time for Christmas 2020. With regard to the first games for the new systems, Sony and Microsoft seem to be pursuing different paths. A few days ago, Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Game Studios, revealed the first details about the plans for the upcoming games. Accordingly, there will initially be no exclusive titles for the launch of the Xbox Series X that run exclusively on the new console.

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Upcoming Xbox games will initially appear on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Microsoft appears to be trying to offer the exclusive games on as many devices as possible. "We want to make sure that players feel like they have made a good investment if they choose to buy an up-to-date console before launching the Series X," said the Xbox manager. Means: Exclusive games designed exclusively for Xbox Series X will only appear in 2021. Nevertheless, Microsoft wants to make optimal use of the additional performance of the Xbox Series X. Booty cited the first-person shooter Halo Infinite as an example, which should be available just in time for the launch of the Xbox Series X.

Sony seems to have a different plan for the launch of the PS5. This was revealed by journalist Jason Schreier in a current Kotaku podcast. The industry insider said he knew some of the upcoming exclusive PS5 games and that they would appear when the PlayStation 5 was launched. He did not give details of the games. Sony has not yet commented on the PS5 games. The only thing that is certain is that Godfall will appear exclusively for PS5. The new Gearbox Software plant is slated for release later this year. Large productions by third-party publishers should initially also appear for the current generation. In this context, Schreier mentions the new Assassin's Creed as a prime example of a cross-gene launch.

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