It is well known that game data can be moved to a compatible USB drive with the current PS5 firmware update, which allows you to easily increase the storage space. However, there is more to the update that was not known before.

Firmware update for PS5 surprisingly brings more functions with it

If you have a display that supports 1080p at 120 Hertz, you can now actually play PS5 games at 120 Hertz. In addition, you have the option to switch off HDR for your video output signal if you are using software that does not support HDR. You can also switch the “One-Touch Play” function on and off individually. If “One-Touch Play” is enabled, turning on the PS5 console will also turn on the connected display, and if “Power Off Link” is enabled, turning off the connected display will put the PS5 into sleep mode.

Here you can read the corresponding excerpts from the patch notes of version 21.01-03.00.00 for the Playstation 5 (buy now ):

  • Some PC monitors that can display 1080p / 120 Hz now support 120 Hz display for games. If you’re having trouble viewing your game at 120 Hz, go to Settings> Screen and Video> Video Output, then check the Enable 120 Hz Output option.
  • You can now optionally switch the video output to non-HDR if a game or app does not support HDR. You can change this setting under Settings> Screen and Video> Video Output> HDR.
  • For displays that support the HDMI device connection function, you can now activate or deactivate one-touch play and the power-off function for each device individually. Open Settings> System> HDMI to change these settings.
    • If one-touch play is enabled, turning on the PS5 console will also turn on the connected screen.
    • If the power off feature is enabled, the PS5 will go into sleep mode when the connected screen is turned off.

Those: Playstation website

Playstation 5: Sony shows the PS5 console hardware in the video for the first time



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