The developers of the PS5 exclusive game Abandoned confuse players with a weird social media post. Is it a reference to Silent Hill? Is Abandoned a new addition to the series? We’ll take a closer look at the rumors.

PlayStation 5

The Silent Hill game that is not a Silent Hill game at all

Since the PS5 exclusive game Abandoned was announced in April this year, fans have been wondering why Sony is giving such a large stage for their console to an unknown developer like Blue Box Game Studios.

How Gamerant reports, many assume that there is more to Abandoned than meets the eye. It is always suspected that there could actually be another developer behind the Blue Box Game Studios: the hottest candidate is among them Hideo Kojima.

Due to its extensive past with the Silent Hill series it is even rumored that Abandoned could be a new offshoot. However, the developers of Blue Box have already expressly distanced themselves from these rumors.

Tweet lets Silent Hill rumors boil again

A recently posted tweet leaves the Rumor mill however, boiling up again properly:

“Guess the name: Abandoned = (first letter S, last letter L). To be revealed in … # PS5 #Exclusive “

This is reason enough for many to think that the previous rumors are true and that a new Silent Hill is waiting for them. The simultaneous Change of the header image on the Developer’s YouTube channel to a Hilly landscape (Hill means Hill in English) just made it even clearer for the fans.

But a short time later, Blue Box has one another statement published, in which they again expressly emphasize that there is no connection whatsoever to Silent Hill or Hideo Kojima. you apologize for the confusionthat they triggered with their tweet.

Despite the clarification, many gamers cannot believe that the developer wasn’t aware of another Parallel to Silent Hill would be drawn. There are other sometimes hair-raising (but funny) hints that are supposed to suggest that it is still one Stroke of genius should be about Hideo Kojima.

Hideo Kojima is no newbie when it comes to having Mysteries to draw attention to yourself. Already for the development of Metal Gear Solid 5 Kojima had a pseudonym by the name of „Moby Dick Studio“ used. And also a mysterious founder of Blue Box is said to contain a clue: Hasan Kahraman.

This name has the same initials as Hideo Kojima and translated from Arabic into English „Handsome Hero“ (Handsome hero) mean. Whether the Blue Box tweet caught the attention of Silent Hill fans, intentionally or accidentally, it abandoned them, at least necessary visibility bestows.

Silent Hill is likely to stay away, as long as you can take a look at these upcoming horror shockers:

The timing is also perfect: A demo for Abandoned is due to appear on the PS5 on June 22nd. What do you think, what’s wrong with the rumors? Or do you think this is all fake? Let us know your thoughts on this on Facebook in the comments!