Keep your eyes peeled, soon-to-be PS5 players: The PS Store has received a small update, now looks different and lets you pre-order games for PlayStation 5.

It's about time: One month before the release of the PlayStation 5, the PS Store is also changing its face, at least in the desktop version. From now on there is all sorts of things to do here PS5 games for pre-orderSo if you've just been waiting for this moment: Off to the PS Store.

On the PS4 itself, the PS Store has not moved yet, so it looks the same as before – and PS5 games cannot be pre-ordered here, which would be pointless on the PS4. The PS5 pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 so far include, among other things following games:

Far Cry 6 for 69.99 euros
Hitman 3 for 69.99 euros
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Cross-Gen Edition) for 74.99 euros
Assassin's Creed Valhalla for 69.99 euros
Spider-Man: Miles Morales for 59.99 euros
Watch Dogs: Legion for 69.99 euros
Demons Souls for 79.99 euros

The release and price of the PS5 at a glance

Whether the update will spill over to the PS4-internal PlayStation store is, however, rather doubtful. On the other hand, Microsoft will adjust the home screens of all Xbox consoles (Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X) the same way, but Sony will probably not go the same way.