Sony promises extensive backward compatibility for the PS5: Almost all of the over 4,000 available PS4 games should be able to be played on the new console. Just a handful Games are currently not supported by the PS5, but could still receive the support later. The special feature: PS4 games can benefit from the performance of the PlayStation 5 – for example in terms of resolution and frame rate. In addition, there are faster loading times, which are made possible by the built-in SSD.

In the meantime, Guerrilla Games has also confirmed that its PS4 games run smoothly on the PS5. In a recent Twitter post, the developers announced that both Killzone: Shadow Fall and Horizon: Zero Dawn support a savegame transfer. If you have started the games on PS4, you can easily play them on PlayStation 5 (buy now ) continue. The developers also confirm that Killzone runs with up to 60 fps on the PS5. Guerrilla Games does not share frame rate information on Horizon Zero Dawn.

Incidentally, with Horizon Forbidden West, the creators are working on a sequel to the action role-playing game. The release should take place in the second half of 2021, as Sony recently did in a current one PS5 promotional video communicated. Forbidden West is planned for PlayStation 5 and PS4. The new console will be launched on November 19th in Germany. Ours Test for the PS5 you can read at this link. The console has been available in the US and Japan since November 12th.

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Shortly before the PS5 is released in Germany, Sony is releasing the first "free" game for the new console as a download via PS Plus. Buy PS5: Sony boss on the availability of the PlayStation 5 by Christmas

Buy PS5: Sony boss on the availability of the PlayStation 5 by Christmas

A PS5 cannot currently be bought: The console is completely out of stock at the retailers. Now Sony is talking about the subsequent deliveries.

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