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Didn't get a PS5? Then maybe you should be patient a little. For the former Sony employee Chris Grannell explains that a Pro version could appear earlier than expected.

The situation around the PS5 is tricky. The console is sold out everywhere and whether a third wave of pre-orders will start again this year is rather questionable. Of course, this annoys those who didn't get one. But maybe you'd better wait for the PS5 Pro? Because this appears supposedly earlier than expected.

Is the PS5 Pro coming soon?

Is Sony already working on a PS5 Pro and maybe bringing it out soon? Maybe as early as 2022? If it goes in the opinion of former Sony employee Chris Grannell, then we are in for a surprise. Because he writes on Twitter: "I've already mentioned it several times. The PS5 Pro is coming sooner than you think."

He made this statement when a Twitter user spoke about how nonsensical he found the PS5's liquid-metal cooling. Could this possibly cause problems and Sony is already working on a new version of the next-gen console that uses a different cooling method? And is it possible that this new version of the PS5 will bring some further improvements with it, which is why Sony is releasing it as the PS5 Pro?

The Playstation 5 (buy now ) is – at least on paper – a little less powerful than the Xbox Series X. However, the prices of both consoles are identical. Maybe Sony would like to catch up with this gap as quickly as possible or even turn the tables.

However, a very early release of a PS5 Pro would be unfair to those who really want to get the regular version of the next-gen console first.

The Playstation 4 came on the market in 2013. The PS4 Pro followed three years later in 2016. If Sony doesn't want to wait three years for the "refresh", then it is conceivable that the improved console will be available in 2022. But all of this has so far not been confirmed.

Source: Twitter via GamePro

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