PS5 in black: fans create great designs for the PlayStation 5 – games up to date

from David Martin
Sony shows the design of the PS5 for the first time. At a digital event last Thursday, fans were given the opportunity to take a first look at the housing of the PlayStation 5. The look is bold and futuristic and is based on the DualSense controller. Both the console and controller come in a white and black color scheme and blue LEDs. It is likely that Sony will launch the PS5 in other colors at a later date, but has not yet been confirmed. Graphic designers have already diligently redesigned the official console image material – and are showing the PlayStation 5 in a completely black design, for example. There are also mockups for Spider-Man, Pikachu, Dragon Ball and many more.

Last Thursday, Sony granted one for the first time Look at the design of the PS5. At a digital event on the "future of gaming", the publisher showed the housing of the next-gen console: The PlayStation 5 is presented in an equally bold and futuristic design and is optically based on the DualSense controllers already presented. Like that Gamepads comes the PS5 in a white and black color scheme. Blue LED strips are also attached.

It is likely that both the console and controller will be launched in other colors at a later date, but has not yet been confirmed. From the reactions published by players on social media such as Twitter, it can be seen that the desire for a completely black PS5 is particularly great. Using specially created images, graphic artists show how the console could look in other color variants.

In addition to a black design, fans have also created editions of Spider-Man, Pikachu and Dragon Ball. A selection of the pictures can be found below. The mockups were based on the image material that Sony published as part of the PS5 event. Some of the graphics are from BossLogic, who already does that Reveal artwork for Assassin's Creed Valhalla drew live. The PlayStation 5 is expected to be released at the end of the year. An exact release date is not yet available. So far, Sony has not mentioned a price.

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