A bird chirped us how strong the PS5 should actually be. If the birdie is not lying, the new PlayStation will not quite get to the Xbox Series X.

in the NeoGAF forum has user o’dium released a bird. No, really – see for yourself:

And what does a bird have to do with the PS5? Not much at first, but like the users of NeoGAF chirping at each other, this is not a bird (or a picture of a bird) – it is a coded leak. It is also not difficult to see, because with "M. Cerny“Is perhaps – probably – just the Mark Cerny, who worked on the PlayStation 4 as Lead System Architect. He also works, you will guess, also on the PS5.

GameRant and NeoGAF users say the numbers mean (including the number of Coo-s) that the Graphics processor of the PS5 with 11 TFLOPS, 52 CUs (Compute Units) and a clock speed of 1,743 MHz running. If that is true, the PS5 would be about 11 TFLOPS three times as powerful as the PS4 Pro – and six times more powerful than the normal PS4. Still, the PS5 would not quite get to the Xbox Series X: As Microsoft confirmed a while ago, Xbox Series X will run with 12 TFLOPS.

The Leaker o’dium is known in the forum as an industry insider. To what extent can we pick a grain of truth here, or can we only see bird manure? We can only know that when Sony officially comments on the hardware of the PlayStation 5.

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PS5 horror Martha Is Dead shows how photorealistic upcoming games will be

Martha Is Dead should interest you for exactly two reasons: The developers behind the upcoming PS5 shocker previously worked on The Town of Light, a critically praised horror game that ventured into the depths of a mental illness. Martha Is Dead will certainly head for a similar genre, but with the Technology of the PlayStation 5. Like the LKA studio opposite GamesRadar betrayed, they want to take full advantage of the hardware of the upcoming console – and photo-realistic graphics such as rapid loading times implement.

Take a look at Martha Is Dead (literally):

Photo realism with the PlayStation 5

Let's hear what those developers say about the PS5 who are already allowed to work with the new console:

"The PS5 specifications are incredibly exciting – especially for us additional graphics power and the inclusion of Ray tracing. Our studio has gone a long way for over four years, and Martha Is Dead will Photorealism strive for. "

In addition to ray tracing, the increased density of the texture pixels should enable the photo-realistic quality in Martha Is Dead: “The PS5 will allow us an impressive Texture pixel density up to 4096px / m to use – that is, the images are also fully detailed in higher resolution his. This is one of the most important visual advances we've been waiting for! ”

Martha Is Dead is supposed to look as realistic as no game before, equipped with fresh gameplay that sets it apart from other horror titles – as the developers suggest. In addition, the Charging times significantly reduced via the SSD in the PS5 become. The story in the game revolves around a traumatized woman in Italy in the 1944s: World War II raged through the country and, in addition to violence and suffering, washed up the body of a woman on a nearby bank. I will tell you why this sounds less brutal than it is in the game in my eerie preview of the game.

When exactly Martha Is Dead will be released has not yet been announced. What is certain is that it will only crawl onto the market with the PlayStation 5 – but whether it will go directly to the release of the new console at the end of 2020, we will have to wait and see.