Sony today announced the first major system update for the PS5. Owners will get some new features for their console tomorrow. The highlights include other options for managing your storage space. This means that internal game data can be moved to a compatible USB drive. This can be used to expand the memory of the console.

If you want to play a track on the USB drive, all you have to do is move it to the internal memory. So you don’t have to download games again or copy them from the disc and you can get started faster. An update with which you can also use PS5 games directly via external storage is still in development. Further innovations in the system software concern the console’s Share Play. In the future, all PS5 owners will also be able to transfer their games to a friend’s PS4 console. They then even have the opportunity to try out the game themselves. Co-op titles can also be played together in this way. A transfer from PS4 to PS5 is also possible.

In addition, Sony has introduced some small changes that will be available on your console from tomorrow. For example, the Game Base has been optimized so that you now have faster access to the important content. If developers approve a game for preload, these titles are now also downloaded in sleep mode with the “Automatic updates” setting. The game library can now also be personalized better.

You will soon also be able to set for which trophy rarity a video or screenshot should be recorded. In addition to the update for PS5 (buy now ) the PlayStation App will also get a new version. In the coming weeks, players will be able to join a multiplayer session via the app, manage the console memory or compare trophies with friends. However, there is no exact date for the update yet.

Those: PlayStation Blog

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