PS5: Launch title – all games that you can play right at the start

As with the start of every new PlayStation console, the range of launch titles on the PS5 will initially be manageable and only gradually will other system sellers appear. In the linked article, we'll show you which PS5 games await you in 2020 and 2021. In this photo gallery we give you an overview of all PS5 games that will be playable when they are released on November 19, 2020!

All launch games on the PS5 at a glance

Have you already pre-ordered a PS5 or do you prefer to wait a few months or even years until you get one? The selection of the launch games naturally also plays a role in this decision. In the last PS5 showcase, upcoming highlights such as Final Fantasy 16, God of War 2 and the Demon's Souls Remake were announced. Demon's Souls will even be playable as one of the launch titles at the start of the console!

In addition, there is the backward compatibility of the PS5, which allows 99% of all PS4 games to be played on the new Sony console. You can also upgrade many PS4 games for free when you switch to PS5.

PlayStation Plus Collection – Introduction Trailer | PS5.

If you are a member of PlayStation Plus, you can also access the PlayStation Plus Collection from the release of the PS5. This includes 18 PS4 classics that can be played directly on the new console. But what exactly does the launch title offer now? To do this, click through the following pages of this series of pictures or take a look at the following list of all launch games!

Note: In this list you will only find launch games, i.e. titles that are directly on November 19th to be released together with the PS5!

List of all launch titles on the PS5

"First Party" games

"Third Party" games

PlayStation Plus Collection