When it comes to the pure graphics power of the next-gen consoles, Microsoft is just ahead of the game with the Xbox Series X compared to the PS5. A new report now suggests that the company wants to further expand this lead with a new technology.

Xbox Series X

Like Nvidia’s DLSS? Microsoft is working on AI upscaling technology

Upscaling technologies are currently very popular in the graphics sector. Nvidia relies on DLSS, while AMD uses a technology called FSR. The principle is the same for all programs: In order to increase the performance in games, the game scenes are only rendered in a low initial solution. These images are then upscaled again using a resource-saving AI algorithm. The result: games can run in high resolution without having to accept too large a drop in FPS.

According to a report by Hardware Times Microsoft is also working on a similar upscaling technology – for the Xbox Series X | S. The company is currently looking for graphics software developers with experience in machine learning. Here is a small excerpt from the Job Description:

“Xbox uses machine learning to make traditional rendering algorithms more efficient and offer better alternatives. The Xbox graphics team is looking for an engineer to implement machine learning algorithms in graphics software to delight millions of gamers. “

Xbox Series X | S both support DirectML, a powerful, hardware-accelerated DirectX 12 library for machine learning. This should also be used when implementing the upscaling technology. PC gamers could also benefit from this at a later point in time – this was already the case when Windows 11 was announced and DirectStorage was supported.

We have summarized the most important information about the Xbox Series X | S for you in the video:

How good is Microsoft’s new Xbox graphics technology going? Details are still in short supply

There is currently little information available about Microsoft’s new upscaling technology. What is certain is that the company has access to the necessary resources to make the new graphics technology a real success. However, it remains to be seen whether the first version of the technology can compete with Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR.

However, Xbox gamers can already look forward to the fact that their next-gen console could soon get another upgrade thanks to the technology. It remains to be seen whether Sony is also working on a similar solution for the PS5.