With the SSD built into the PS5, long waiting times in games and apps should be a thing of the past. A new video shows how quickly the PlayStation 5 loads the gameplay: In the clip below you can see the loading times for Demon's Souls – the remastered is one of the first games to be exclusively available on PS5. The Information in the video According to it, it only takes 20 seconds to get into the gameplay from the PS5 main menu. It takes about 15 seconds for players to see the Demon's Souls main menu, and about six more seconds for the game world to load.

The PlayStation 5's 825 gigabyte SSD (buy now ) According to Sony, it has speeds of 5.5 gigabytes per second. By the way: The M.2 slot allows the Expand SSD storage requirements on the PlayStation 5. However, this feature will not be available from launch, as Sony recently explained. Rather, the function should be activated with an upcoming firmware update.

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The publisher has not yet announced a date for the corresponding system software. In addition, gamers should wait to buy an SSD: Sony wants to submit a list of those SSDs that are explicitly compatible with the PlayStation 5. PS4 games and other data can now be outsourced to standard USB hard drives. The PS5 will be released in Japan and the US on November 12th. The launch in Germany will take place on November 19th.

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A YouTuber reports the first failure of a PS5. However, it is still unclear whether this will be a more common problem. PS5: Sony confirms more colors - DualSense soon also in black?

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PS5: The console could have been even bigger

The PS5 is the largest console Sony has released to date. The case could have been even bigger.

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