Sony released the PS5 firmware 21.01-03.21.00. The system update should gradually arrive at the PlayStation 5 users and be available for download. However, new features or major changes are apparently not to be expected with the new system update. The patch notes supplied with the update show that the firmware primarily improves system performance. At first it is not known which screws the developers actually turned.

It is possible that the PlayStation 5 (buy now ) Firmware 21.01-03.21.00 still contains one or the other new feature that is not mentioned in the patch notes. For example, after the April update, players reported that it had fixed problems related to the disk drive. In the update from the previous month, Sony fixed a bug with the battery indicator of the DualSense controller. Despite sufficient battery charge, a bug caused the battery indicator on the PS5 to blink regularly and warn of a low battery level.

Sony recently announced a beta program for upcoming PS5 firmwares that interested users can test in advance. In the course of the announcement, Sony promised that another major update with new features is due this year. The publisher has not yet mentioned the point in time at which the update can be expected. It is also unclear which features Sony is preparing for the PlayStation 5. The console was launched in November 2020.


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