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With the PS5, Sony is preparing its next-gen console: the release is planned for the end of 2020. It has long been no secret that selected developer studios already have the first devkits. For months now, pictures and snapshots of the developer console in the striking V-design have been circulating through the vastness of the Internet. Now there are new photos that not only show the console, but also provide further views of the new controller. Recently, there was speculation about the possible price of the PlayStation 5.

Sony is preparing for the launch of the PS5: the new console is scheduled to be launched at the end of this year. A specific release date has so far been missing. The development of the first games should already be in full swing: In the past months, images have repeatedly appeared that show the Devkits in the distinctive V-design of the PlayStation 5. New snapshots have been circulating through the vastness of the Internet since the weekend. The developer console can be seen once again in the pictures.

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In addition, you take another look at the new controller. The images were apparently made public by a developer on Facebook. The photos were distributed on Reddit. "My first cleaning campaign for the PS5 prototype," said the alleged developer. It is not known who is actually behind the recordings. We have included the post below. You can find many more articles on PlayStation 5 in our news section.

There you will learn, among other things, first details about the PS5 controller. For example, Sony promises two key innovations for the new gamepad. The controller uses haptic feedback, for example, which replaces the previous Rumble technology. This should give players a wider range of feedback from the controller. Recently there was also speculation about a possible price for the PlayStation 5.

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Developers with access to the PlayStation 5 Dev Kit especially praise the new 3D sound that will be used in games in the future. Witness developer Jonathan Blow is very impressed with the PlayStation 5.

Witness developer finds that PlayStation 5 "pretty good"

Game designer Jonathan Blow recently commented on the new NextGen consoles – especially the PlayStation 5.