PS5: new rumors about the design of the next-gen console surfaced

from Dominik Zwingmann
Several rumors about the design of the PlayStation 5 have surfaced on the Internet. Accordingly, Sony should also base its next-gen hardware on a traditional look for the console and thus have significant differences to the Xbox Series X. Rumor has it that the PS5 also has a unique feature that has not yet been revealed.

Last week, Sony officials announced a new PS5 event. On Thursday at 10 p.m., new details about the console and the games will be revealed. It is not yet known whether Sony will also reveal the hardware design. Shortly before the event, however, a few rumors are circulating that deal with the supposed appearance of the PlayStation 5.

The information comes from the video game website GameMag from Russia, which cites a specialist from the United States, who is currently involved in the development of a PS5 title. Of course, you should enjoy these rumors with caution. According to the report, Sony appears to be sticking to a traditional design. Accordingly, it should be a flat, square, symmetrical box with rounded corners. However, the volume of the console could clearly exceed the predecessor.

According to GameMag sources, the console appears to be almost twice as thick as a PlayStation 4 Pro. The PS5 is also said to have a unique feature that has not been discussed before. It is also alleged that in the event of a leak, Sony could quickly locate the person in question. As part of the event on Thursday, Sony is said to be presenting a special software feature. We will keep you up to date in this regard. The PlayStation 5 will be available in stores later this year. There is no price yet.

Source: GameMag via ResetERA

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