On Wednesday, Sony released an update for the PS5, which apparently has now eliminated another problem. In the past, owners of the standard version of the console have found the disc drive spinning at high speed for no reason. Even if the drive wasn’t in use at all. in the Reddit Forum Several players now report that this problem no longer exists since the last update.

The fix was not listed in the announced changes by Sony. Yesterday we reported about other features of the PS5 update that were also not mentioned in the original announcement. Accordingly, the console can now also be used, for example, with 120 Hz on 1080p screens. Optionally, the video output can now also be set to non-HDR if a title does not provide HDR support. You can find more information in our message from Wednesday.

The main changes to the new firmware include the ability to move PS5 games to a compatible USB drive. If you want to play the title, you still need to have it on the internal memory. Instead of downloading the title again or installing it from the disc – you can simply transfer it this way. In addition, Share Play can now also be used between PS5 and PS4. You can read all further details in our message from Tuesday.

via GamesRadar

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