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According to Sony, it won't make a difference for PS5 upgrades whether the title was previously bought new or used. All players will receive their upgrade at no additional cost – if one is provided by the publisher. It is still unclear what the upgrade program for buyers of the PS5 Digital Edition will look like.

A Sony official confirmed in an interview this week that PlayStation 4 used games will also receive a free PS5 upgrade. However, it is still unclear whether the PS4 disc will still be needed in the PS5 to start the improved version of the title. Buyers of the PS5 Digital Edition would then have a disadvantage here because the console does not offer a drive.

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While Microsoft has already introduced an upgrade program for Xbox Series X with Smart Delivery, Sony is currently leaving it up to the publishers to decide whether and how they want to bring their upgrades to the players. Upcoming titles like Cyberpunk 2077 or Marvel's Avengers have already been confirmed for PS5 upgrades. In the interview, Sony was also asked about the backward compatibility of the console. However, there were no new details here. In the coming months, the company will reveal more information about the PS5. The release of the hardware is still planned for the end of 2020.

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