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from Andreas Bertits
Gamestop in Ireland has emailed some PS5 pre-orders informing them that their console won't arrive until 2021. This is unsettling more and more gamers.

The situation around the pre-orders of the Playstation 5 (buy now ) getting more and more confused. Because now Gamestop Ireland has informed some customers that their consoles will only be delivered in the coming year.

Not every pre-orderer gets their PS5 later this year

Due to circumstances beyond the control of Gamestop Ireland, not all PS5 pre-orders may be fulfilled this year. It seems that the retailer is getting fewer copies of Sony's next-gen console than originally thought. Those who pre-ordered and received confirmation actually felt safe. But apparently they are not.

Gamestop is not the only retailer who has to deliver such bad news to its pre-orderers. ShopTo in England also had to inform some customers that not everyone will get their console on time. The reason given was that Sony had provided the shop with new information regarding the assignment of console contingents. It sounds as if retailers were initially promised a larger number of consoles, but this number is now smaller. Even Amazon in the US cannot guarantee delivery of the PS5 on release day.

It is not clear whether we in this country will have to expect that pre-ordered consoles will not arrive until 2021. At the moment some retailers have canceled, but most pre-orders seem – still – to be safe.

Haven't got a PS5 yet? Then it will be difficult to get hold of one of the popular consoles in 2020. Because apparently no copies will be offered in stationary retail on the day of the release, November 19th.

Source: VGC via GamePro

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