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PS5 Pro model for release? Circulating rumors warm up old statements again. There are no tangible details or official information about the PlayStation 5. Players around the world are still waiting for Sony's presentation to the Xbox Series X competitor. After all, the PS4 successor is to come onto the market in the Christmas business in parallel with the competitor product.

Is there a PS5 Pro or not? Rumors are currently circulating on the net that are already half a year old. According to the Japanese games journalist Zenji Nishikawa already speculated in September 2019 about two possible models of the PlayStation 5. In the past, Nishikawa was right with predictions about the PS4 Pro or the Switch Lite, but there are currently no new statements or speculations. Rather, one Summary on techradar.com cited, which summarizes all rumors and presents them in an overview.

Microsoft already presented its Xbox Series X for the Christmas season 2020 during the Game Awards 2019. Recently there were further technical details. With 12 teraflops of computing power, the upcoming console should offer twice as much power as the current Xbox One X. On our topic page for Xbox Series X you will find all news and details about the hardware. But when will Sony release new information about the PS5? So far, there is already an official website and photos of alleged PlayStation 5 dev kits, pictures or technical details are still missing.

Sony has already canceled the E3 2020 in Los Angeles – as it did last year. During the fair, however, we should receive information from Sony. Similar to Nintendo with its Nintendo Direct webshos, Sony could provide information about the PS4 follow-up even without a classic press conference. The question remains whether the PlayStation manufacturer really wants to take that long. Microsoft's Xbox Series X information policy is a few steps further.

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