The situation around the PS5 has not improved. Every now and then new copies appear at online retailers, but these are sold out within a very short time. O2 is currently offering a new way to get a Playstation 5 – if you sign a mobile phone contract.

O2 offers you consoles again – but with a mobile phone contract

The offer is of course only of interest to those who want a new mobile phone contract and decide to take out one with O2. You are bound to O2 for 24 months when you place an order. You can choose which tariff you want to use on the website. In addition to the costs, there is a euro for the PS5 (buy now ) added. The delivery time is currently three weeks. Whether this is really the case, or whether it might take longer, cannot be said at the moment. Curiously, O2 is still advertising with a "delivery before Christmas". That still seems to come from the offer from last year – although delivery before Christmas 2021 is of course also conceivable – and will hopefully take place.

It is not clear how long the offer will be available. So if you think it's okay to sign a 24-month mobile phone contract with O2 for a PS5, then you can Offer on the website look at. If you don't want to be bound by a contract, then you have to wait until new copies of the Playstation 5 appear again at online retailers. That can happen again and again. A larger wave of deliveries is currently not in sight.

Source: O2

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