In an interview, Naughty Dog told President Evan Wells about the history of the PlayStation and what has changed with the development of hardware for developers.

One of the biggest technical upgrades for the PS5 will be the powerful SSDs, which will dramatically reduce game load times. In one Interview with The Verge Speaking to Naughty Dog President Evan Wells on the occasion of PlayStation's 25th Anniversary, the big changes the PS5 will bring. It will probably not have the better processor and graphics performance the biggest impact on the gaming experience, but the almost complete absence of loading times. Wells commented:

"I think they (the SSDs) allow us to present content that has no delay for the player. They never have to wait until they dive back into their games. "

Also, the (vice) hardware boss at Sony Masayusu Ito recently commented in an interview on technology advancement and what it means for the lifecycles of consoles. Opposite Game Informer He said that the previous platforms had lifecycles of seven to ten years. Due to the increasing speed in the advancement of technology, these lifecycles are shortened to six to seven years.

So as not to have to bring out a new console every five years, Sony had already released a pro version of the console on the PS4, Ito said in an interview. There may also be a pro version of the PS5 a few years after the release, so that the console is technically up to date.

Original news from May 21, 2019:

PlayStation 5 is almost completely abandon loading times

Graphically, the next generation of consoles may only be able to move forward in small steps. Instead, the PS5 is obviously on another strength: the abolition of load times.

Loading times in games are a matter of course and are usually negative only if they drag themselves to extremes, as in the case of Anthem. Nevertheless, Sony has apparently set itself the goal, the Reduce load times on the PlayStation 5 to the point where they practically disappear completely,

Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street Journal published a snippet of a presentation on Twitter demonstrating this technology.

While calculating the scene on the PlayStation 4 Pro still whole 8.1 seconds lasts, the next-gen hardware just creates it 0.8 secondsone tenth of the time.

The presentation also shows a scene from Spider-Man. There, the camera moves at high speed through the virtual city. For this to happen, the console must reload several times for a few seconds. On the PS5, however, this scene should run completely smoothly,

Backward compatibility has also been discussed more frequently in the face of the PS5:

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PlayStation 5 is intended to support streaming

By the way, you can now use the Read PDF file of the presentation completely online, According to the presentation, the PlayStation 5 will continue to support disk games and download titles, but will also extend the offer to streaming, similar to PlayStation Now.

This statement contradicts the speculation that next-gen consoles may completely dispense with physical games and disk drives. Although the new Streaming technology apparently used on an equal footing However, this does not replace game discs and downloads.