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of Dominik Zwingmann
A few days ago, a Sony Interactive Entertainment patent was released in 2017 that may be related to the PS5. The focus is again on how backward compatibility works. The new hardware could therefore emulate previous consoles by reducing the CPU speed. Sony has not yet commented on the topic.

Sony executives are still keeping a low profile when it comes to new details on the PlayStation 5. At the patent office in the United States, however, was now again discovery that may give us new clues about the backward compatibility of the next-gen console. It is now clear that the PS5 will be able to play your PS4 games without any problems. It has not yet been discussed whether there will also be improvements for the previous titles.

The now published patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment dates from 2017. It explains, among other things, how the CPU speed of the hardware is reduced to enable backward compatibility. Also in Reddit forum fans are currently hoping that the performance of the PS5 will also improve the performance of older PS4 games. A feature similar to the Boost Mode of the PS4 Pro could be used. Especially titles with a dynamic resolution could benefit significantly from the new hardware.

It is also still unclear whether the PS5 might also offer backward compatibility for PS1, PS2 and PS3. But fans will probably not have to wait too long until Sony announces further information about the PlayStation 5. An "Experience PlayStation" event is also currently taking place in New York, where visitors can use various activities to celebrate PlayStation's 25th anniversary.

Source: Justia

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