A patent from Sony at the responsible American office shows the concept of new VR glasses that could solve some of the problems of today's virtual reality.

With the upcoming release of the PS5, it is logical that Sony also wants to develop in terms of virtual reality. That on December 12, 2019 Document filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office could well be the first ideas for a PlayStation VR 2 demonstrate.

One of the major problems currently facing VR systems is determining whether the HMD (“head-mountable display”) is correctly seated on the user's head. In other words, whether the display is properly on your head so that you can see the world in the game as it should be.

The correct position is currently determined by tracking the user's pupil. A camera takes pictures of the wearer's eyes and tries to determine whether the display is properly seated. However, this does not work if the user's eyes are not in the camera's perspective. Wearing glasses or contact lenses makes this method even more difficult.

Sony's new VR glasses are said to use ultrasound to determine the position of the eyes. In a sketch it should look like this:

The patent contains other important innovations. For example, the reflections in the user's eye should be reduced. The most important improvement is the wireless connection to a PS5.

As is always the case with patents, it remains to be seen whether the idea will ultimately become a product – and which of the innovations can actually be implemented.

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