from Maria Beyer-Fistrich
The PS5 will be released in Germany on November 19th. Anyone who pre-ordered a PS5 from Media Markt and Saturn did not know until yesterday evening whether the console would be delivered on time. Now there are the first shipping confirmations for PS5 pre-orders from Media Markt and Saturn. More dispatch emails are likely to follow this Wednesday.

The history of pre-ordering the PS5 is a short one, and one that is rather disappointing for most gamers. After all, quite a few potential buyers looked down the tube in the past two months when new promotions started in various online shops. But that's not all: if you got hold of a PS5 in a pre-order campaign, you couldn't feel safe. Cancellations were and still are on the agenda. Around November 6th, Media Markt and Saturn customers who had pre-ordered a PS5 in the first "wave" also received a notification from their shop that the Delivery of the PS5 caused a delay comes. They couldn't explain to us in the service center exactly what that means.

Media Markt and Saturn belong to one company, but there were differences in customer service. The Saturn employee asked for patience, but did not know whether the PS5 (buy now ) only sent with a slight delay or whether it will be delivered in January. The Media Markt employee explained to us that the goods have finally been paid for and will then come. Until last night it was still not clear who was going to be right. In the meantime, however, the first PS5 dispatch notifications from Media Markt and Saturn have actually been sent out. If you've received a PS5 shipping notification, congratulations. Your PlayStation should arrive on time. If you still haven't received a message, wait until this Wednesday. If nothing is happening in your mailbox today, it will most likely not be a punctual one PS5 delivery give more on Thursday November 19th. I feel for you, I haven't received any notification about my PS5 shipping either. What about with you? Have you pre-ordered a PS5 and already received a shipping confirmation? Or are you waiting until next year to get a new console? Let the community know in the comments!

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