PS5: Presentation supposedly in early June with many games for PlayStation 5

from David Martin
Fans are eagerly awaiting further details about the PS5: Sony is keeping secret information about the price, release date and launch games of the PlayStation 5. In the past few weeks, there has been growing evidence that news can be expected soon. Kotaku author Jason Schreier, for example, expects Sony to have planned a PS5 presentation in early or mid-June. GamesBeat employee Jeffrey Grubb meanwhile again names June 4 as the date. Many PS5 games are said to be on the program for the presentation.

Sony is gradually introducing new details on the PS5. Only yesterday fans got a first Tech demo of Unreal Engine 5 on PlayStation 5 to see. Details of the Dual sense controller and to the Hardware specs have been around for some time. Fans still have to wait for tangible information about price, release date and the launch games. However, it will not be long before Sony releases news about the PlayStation 5.

For example, Kotaku author Jason Schreier recently announced that Sony had a PS5 presentation for early or mid June should have planned. However, there could still be changes due to the corona pandemic. At the moment, however, everything would go according to plan.

GamesBeat employee Jeffrey Grubb had an appointment earlier called. The generally well-informed journalist confirms the information in a recent Twitter post: In an updated calendar, he names June 4 as the date for the PS5 presentation. As part of the show, Sony is to introduce numerous PS5 games, such as that Comment area under the appointment can be removed. It remains to be seen which games Sony finally shows.

The information coincides with an earlier report, according to which the Official PlayStation Magazine is tangible in its edition, available from the beginning of June Impressions of the first PlayStation 5 games to present. So far, Sony has not provided an appointment for the PS5 presentation. Therefore, the information should be used with caution. Incidentally, the publisher has announced a new edition of its State of Play edition for today. New ones follow at 10 p.m. Gameplay scenes for Ghost of Tsushima for PS4.

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