PS5 should feel like an intelligent and performance-optimized PC

of Dominik Zwingmann
According to a developer from Intel, the hardware of the PlayStation 5 should feel like an intelligent and performance-optimized PC. In addition, the makers of Sony are said to have avoided various problems such as bottlenecks. The founder of Ready At Dawn also commented on the PS5. Accordingly, things like Teraflops should no longer be important in the near future.

Less than a week ago, Sony’s Mark Cerny introduced the PlayStation 5’s specs. Fans were particularly excited about the number of teraflops and how the next-gen console would set up compared to the Xbox Series X. In the end, the PS5 with 10.28 TFLOPs is somewhat below the 12.0 TFLOPs of the Xbox Series X, but according to Andrea Pessino (founder and CTO of Ready At Dawn Studios), this soon doesn't seem to play a major role anymore. It says on Twitter.

Dietmar Souch (developer for Intel Performance and Graphics) also commented on the inside of the PlayStation 5 on Twitter. He called the console intelligent and performance-optimized hardware. Among other things, Sony is said to have managed to get Bottlenecks out of the way and at the same time improve things such as input latency, audio quality and force feedback. The Intel developer is also impressed by the new SSD hard drive on the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are slated for release later this year. More details about both consoles are likely to be released in the coming weeks. In our special, too, we took a close look at the technical data of the two competitors. There was some criticism in the area of ​​backward compatibility for Sony. Microsoft seems to have many advantages here at the start of the generation. In a short update, those responsible spoke again about the topic.

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