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from Andreas Bertits
In just a few days we could find out what price Sony is calling for the Playstation 5 and on what day the console will appear. Because a new showcase was officially announced.

In case you're waiting impatiently, finally more about Sony's PS5 to find out, then you should mark September 16th in your calendar. Because on this day there is a new showcase.

Sony is taking the next step

Microsoft declares that there will be "updates on the latest titles from Playstation Studios and our top-notch partner developers." Gamers suspect that the price and release date of the PS5 will finally be mentioned. This has not yet been confirmed, but since Microsoft has already announced the price and date of the Xbox Series X (and S), it would only be logical for Sony to follow suit. According to rumors, the company adjusted the price of the Playstation 5 (buy now ) to the Xbox Series X accordingly. In other words, we can probably expect a price of around 500 euros for the console as well. We will then see whether the pre-orders will start immediately.

The new showcase starts on Wednesday, September 16 at 10 p.m. our time and lasts around 40 minutes. It is not clear whether new ones will be presented. Players hope that one or the other surprise title will be presented such as God of War 2 and Final Fantasy 16.

As it stands, Sony is announcing the release dates of the games shown so far so that we know which of them are launch titles for the PS5 and will therefore appear at the launch of the new console. This is suggested by the following sentence in the showcase announcement: "Before the PlayStation 5 releases later this year, we'd like to give you another look at some of the great games that will be released with the PS5 (and after its release). "

Source: Playstation blog

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